About Sophie Boord

Sophie Boord is a gestalt psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing (trauma) practitioner. Sophie began her journey into therapy over 10 years ago and has worked in the community and health sectors for over 20 years.


Sophie commenced working in the health sector in the mid 90’s at Vivaids and the Kirketon Road Centre, undertaking informal health promotion with injecting drug users and street workers, she moved into arts development for people with disabilities and a range of other arts and therapeutic endeavours before moving into practice as a psychotherapist.

Sophie works with a broad range of clients and presentations, she is a gentle respectful and highly attuned therapist who brings a certain lightness, sensitivity and creativity to her practice.

Sophie’s work is fundamentally holistic, relational and body focused, she has a special interest in trauma and her work engages people with acute, chronic and complex trauma, including developmental and relational trauma. Sophie incorporates somatic touch work into her practice and is passionate about the the value of this work for survivors of trauma.

In addition to her individual work with clients Sophie runs therapy groups and has developed and facilitated therapeutic arts and video projects, including recent film projects, Celebrating Strength & Resilience, made with women who have experienced family violence and Gratitude made with Phillip Maisel OAM and survivor of the Jewish holocaust.

In 2017 Sophie ran process groups for practitioners attending the Gestalt Australia New Zealand Conference. Sophie presented work at the International Domestic Violence and Health Conference in November 2018 and at the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia Conference: Working with Trauma, in February 2019.

Sophie has completed 3 years training in the cutting edge trauma modality Somatic Experiencing pioneered by Dr. Peter Levine and 1 year of training in Somatic touch practice, as well as 4 years training in psychotherapy at Gestalt Therapy Australia. Sophie holds a Bachelor of Communications with Honours in Fine Arts.

PACFA Reg Provisional 24384

Member, Gestalt Australia New Zealand

Sophie is a Registered NDIS Provider