Sophie has been facilitating therapeutic arts and video projects for almost 20 years.

Most recently Sophie made Celebrating Strength & Resilience; a film that explores five women’s journeys through family violence in their own voices. The film was made in a community health centre with support from the counselling team as an innovative way of working with trauma, it addresses the invisibility of survivors and the lack of their voices in the public sphere.

Sophie presented Celebrating Strength & Resilience; and her therapeutic and filmmaking methodologies at the PACFA 2019: Working with Trauma conference in Sydney. The film has become a rich material resource that will be used by a broad range of organisations to train family violence workers and other people working with the public who may encounter women who’ve experienced family violence, it will also be used as a conversation starter in family violence groups and education settings.

In 2015 Sophie made Gratitude with Phillip Maisel OAM, holocaust survivor and Testimonies co-ordinator at the Jewish Holocaust Centre, she has also worked on film projects for VicHealth aimed at reducing race-based discrimination and gendered violence and has supported Vietnam veterans and Indigenous children in digital storytelling projects.